Plumbing problems for Your Shower

Stop! These Shower Habits Are Terrible for Your Plumbing.

Although taking a shower is a luxury most Americans are so used to, it’s an integral part of our daily routine, many peoples’ shower habits actually end up hurting their plumbing system. You may not think about this when you step into the shower first thing in the morning, or at night after a long day at work, but this reality is important to consider for the sake of your appliances. Keep reading to learn about all the plumbing problems caused by your shower, and contact Sarkenin Plumbing for every important plumbing job.

The Top 5 Shower Habits Hurting Your Plumbing System:

  1. Taking long, hot showers: We know—everyone needsa long, hot shower occasionally to relax. When you’re stressed out or your body is sore, few things feel better. However, not only can hot showers that go on forever cause dry and itchy skin, they also cause your shower to be extra damp and moist. And what grows in hot, moist areas? That’s right—mold. Make sure your bathroom windows and doors are property ventilated, and if possible, run a fan every time the water is on. Remember, you don’t have to stop those long, luxurious showers entirely, but at the first sign of mold, you may want to consider cutting down your time in the bathroom just a bit.
  2. Letting clumps of hair go down your drain: There are few things worse for your plumbing system than hair clogs. Combined with soap scum, tangles of hair can collect in your drain overtime, causing serious blockages. If this is a problem for you, consider getting a drain stopper to catch that hair before it can enter your pipes.
  3. Leaving cleaning accessories in the shower: Leaving loofahs and other cleaning accessories in your shower after you are finished creates an ideal spot for bacteria to grow. When you then continue to use those appliances, your skin is likely to become irritated. For the sake of yourself and your plumbing, help fight mold growth by taking your loofah out of the shower every day, and washing it with anti-bacterial soap occasionally to ensure it’s free of microorganisms.
  4. Ignoring standing water: Leaving standing water on your floor, either inside or outside of the shower, is not only a great way to generate excess moisture—opening the door for our old friend, mold—but also warps the grout, linoleum, and tiles you probably have on your bathroom floor. On top of this, backed up water in your shower often indicates you may have a drainage problem in your plumbing system. If you want to protect the appliances in your bathroom, as well as the plumbing components you can’t see, ignoring standing water is never a good idea.
  5. Tolerating Hard Water: Hard water build-up is harder on your drains and pipes, as well as on your skin and hair. If you find that your usual shampoo and soap choices just aren’t doing the trick lately, or that there is a dry, flaky reside around your shower head, you should hire a plumber to discuss options for eliminating hard water in your home. In the meantime, you may also to scrub away some of the hard water residue in your shower with vinegar.

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While none of this advice is meant to make you change your shower habits entirely, hopefully it will help you preserve your appliances and strengthen you plumbing system. For all your other plumbing needs, you can call our skilled Portland plumbers. We provide everything from drain cleaning to fixture installation, and are even available for 24/7 emergency service. Call today for special offers and more, and let the experts at Sarkinen Plumbing protect your shower and all other major plumbing appliances.

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