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When and Why Should I Repipe My Home?

If your home has never been remodeled and it was built back in the 1970s it’s probably time to replace your old pipes, among other home improvement projects. You’re probably wondering what the repiping process entails, and why it’s so important. We’ve got the answers that will help you in your decision:

Why Do I Need to Repipe My House?

The age of your home is one of the main answers to this question. If your home was built before 1970, it probably contains out-of-date metals such as galvanized steel, which doesn’t age well and can cause plenty of plumbing problems as it ages. If you’re consistently calling your plumber due to problems with your pipes, you may want to give them a call one last time to schedule a repiping appointment.

Homeowners often take their pipes for granted and assume that they are permanent structures that don’t need replacing. However, all homes typically need some repiping services at one point. Ranging from fixing a single leak, including a new appliance, or extensively repiping your entire home, repiping your home ensures you can continue to rely on your pipes for years to come.

When Should I Call My Plumber to Repipe?

Homes built on a slab foundation typically have more drywall patching and painting. This means the best time to update your home’s piping is when you’re completing other home renovation projects. This way, your plumber can come into your home while other work is being done and eliminating the need to tear up your floors and walls afterward.

If your house is on a raised foundation, repiping your home can be done with little to no damage.

Signs you should consider repiping your home’s plumbing system include:

  • You experience frequent leaks.

  • Your existing pipes are corroded or damaged.

  • Your drain backs up or clogs often.

  • Your home was built in the 1920s and still contains its original lead piping.

Professional Repiping Services In Vancouver and Portland

If your home needs repiping, don’t add this to your DIY list. Repiping is a serious job and requires the skill of a trained and experienced plumber. With over 15 years of experience providing Vancouver, Washington and surrounding areas with top-notch plumbing services, you can count on Sarkinen Plumbing.

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