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What to Do When It Comes to Emergency Plumbing

Finding yourself in an emergency plumbing situation is not fun for anybody. Yet when it comes to flooding, backed up sewage, or the absence of running water, you can always trust Sarkinen Plumbing to be there when you need us most. However, it’s key to know the dos and don’ts of an emergency situation, if you want our experienced Vancouver plumbers to be effective.

DO Call a Professional Right Away

When it comes to emergency plumbing, the name of the game is speed. From leaks that threaten to ruin equipment, to pipes that burst or are frozen, to toys and precious possessions which have fallen down the drain, the sooner we act, the better. We promise, when you call Sarkinen Plumbing in an emergency, we will respond quickly and do everything in our power to prevent your problem from getting worse.

DON’T Attempt to Solve the Problem on Your Own

While DIY plumbing might be fine for small fixes, emergency plumbing situations require the expertise of a qualified professional. While attempting to deal with a main line clog or backed up sewer on your own might seem like a good way to save a little money, in most cases, home remedies will only cause the problem to grow.

DO Keep Your Family or Employees Away from Affected Areas

Letting your children or co-workers go near overflowing sewage of a flooded basement is just about the worst thing to do for their health. After you have called a skilled plumber to take care of the problem, you should keep everyone on your property at a safe distance, and if necessary, evacuate parts of your home or business altogether.

DON’T Use Store Store-Bought Chemical Drain Cleaners

While it’s tempting to try to eliminate clogs with chemical drain cleaners, most of what you find at the store isn’t safe for your plumbing system. Moreover, when you try to take care of a serious clog with a chemical drain cleaner, the chemicals are often ineffective, and just sit on top of the clog rather than eating through it. This means that the more the clog builds, the more you risk a nasty back-up that’s also filled with dangerous chemicals. Remember, for serious drain clogs, always call a plumber.

Sarkinen Plumbing Is Always There for You!

With our 24/7 emergency plumbing services, you can trust Sarkinen Plumbing to get the job done no matter how bad things seem. Call today for a full range of plumbing work, and don’t forget to ask about our various coupons and specials. As customers in Vancouver, Washington and beyond will tell you, you can always rely on Sarkinen Plumbing for emergencies and more.

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