Keeping Pests Out of Plumbing

How to Keep Pests Out of Your Plumbing

Anyone who has ever dealt with a pest problem can tell you, it’s the farthest thing from a good time. But a pest infestation in your plumbing system can be particularly problematic. Not only does this happen more frequently than you would think, but pests in your plumbing can cause a lot of damage to your system which may result in costly repairs. For the warning signs that you have a pest problem and to learn how to keep pests out of your plumbing, keep reading, and don’t forget to call our expert Vancouver plumbers at Sarkinen Plumbing for emergency repairs and more.

How to Tell If You Have a Pest in Your Plumbing System

Pests tend to be drawn to 2 things: food and water. Because of this second point, leaky plumbing equipment is a prime draw for rodents and insects. In addition to preventative maintenance measures, it is also important to know the signs you may have pests in your plumbing system. Watch out for clogs, which can mean you have vermin stuck in your drains. Scratching sounds coming from your pipes are also a strong indication there’s something in there. And of course, you should call pest control at the first sign of any animal droppings.

The Top 5 Ways to Keep Pests Out of Your Plumbing

  1. Schedule Regular Drain Cleaning: As bacteria builds up in your drains overtime, it is naturally going to attract flies and other bugs. Having your drains professionally cleaned is a good way to prevent this, as well as to keep your water flowing smoothly through your system in general.
  2. Install a Screen on Your Vent Stack: The vent stack is a piece of equipment thatsits on top of your roof, and helps ventilate sewer gas. Although the vent stack is an important piece of equipment for keeping nasty sewer gases from rising up through your drains, it is also an ideal point for pests to enter your home. Putting a screen on your vent stack helps prevent this from happening, in addition to stopping any clogs from forming on the stack.
  3. Seal Openings Around Pipes: Insects can easily squeeze into the tiniest cracks in your home, while mice can fit through a hole the size of a nickel. This makes the spaces around your pipes and utility lines vulnerable. Consider sealing these areas to prevent pest entry, as well as to increase energy-efficiency throughout your home.
  4. Put a Multi-Flap in Your Toilet: Everything from rats to snakes have been known to come up through drain pipes. One way to keep this from happening is to install a multi-flap in your toilet. This should keep unwanted pests from crawling out of your drains when you least expect it.
  5. Hire a Professional Plumber to Perform an Inspection: The unfortunate reality is that all types of creepy critters are capable of invading your drain pipes. Have a plumber inspect your system to ensure there is no room for pests to be getting in through cracks, and to let you know if you need repairs to stop a potential infestation.

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